Adios, Honduran Huggies

The last 24 hours have been focused on the aftermath of a disastrous purchase at Eldon's, the island's major supermarket. Alas, there were no Pampers Cruisers anywhere in sight (and all of you who've visited us here know about Pampers Cruisers -- we've asked you to bring us suitcase-fulls as housewarming gifts). We ran out of the latest supply so generously brought by our partners at Dos Palapas, Brinck and Susie Lowery, and then by Kelsey, our Hartford nanny who came to spend July with us.

In retrospect, Mike and I have been fortunate to have two babies with virtually no health issues or allergies. But boy, are they allergic to Huggies manufactured in Honduras.

Of course I didn't realize when I bought the Huggies that they weren't in fact products of the good ole' U.S. of A. I am a snob when it comes to my favorite consumer goods. Nothing else will really do.

But these looked the part, despite having the sizes posted in kilograms rather than pounds. I was desperate, and I figured, Huggies, why not? Here's why not: they are made of a rash-inducing plastic with an enormous ruffle at the bikini line that has turned Hayden's frontside and Delaney's backside bright red.

Like any formerly successful business person, I devised both a short and long term strategy. I've ordered 10 cases of Cruisers Size 4 from drugstore.com, to arrive several weeks from now courtesy of Dip Shipping through Miami and costing a small fortune in customs duty.

But today, with Hayden rightly refusing to wear clothes of any kind, I went on a solo mission to Coxen Hole on the advice of our nanny Sharla. Go to the used toy store on the second floor across the street from the public hospital; there they sell Pampers made in the U.S. Not Cruisers, mind you, but at least they are Pampers. I found the spot and climbed up there, shelling out 800 lempiras (about $45) for a box of 80. This will last us a week if we're lucky.

Hopefully, the rashes will disappear even faster than that.

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