Hola from Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras. Since we moved from Hartford to our tropical paradise last fall, we've made a lot of trade-offs. Dollars for lempiras, health insurance for Miss Peggy's Clinic, the high cost of heating our old house to the high cost of powering our new generator, high heels for Crocs, Dunkin Donuts for Honduran dark roast, and Whole Foods for "when you can find it."

So many friends and family have said: you really need to be writing this down. And I've said wearily, "I know...." So here goes. My thoughts about what it's like to be raising 18-month-old twins on a Caribbean island. Don't think it's glamourous -- we're now heavily invested in a struggling, third-world country -- and the U.S. stock market and airline industries aren't really cooperating with this fantasy. Things don't happen on the island easily, cheaply, quickly or with any concern for the customer. We're on our own.

When I'm asked how I am adjusting to this new life, I have to laugh. The biggest adjustment for hubby Mike and me has been these two high-octane bundles of energy and boundless enthusiasm, our twins Delaney and Hayden. The rest is geography. Awesome geography, mind you. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Our adjustment to twins and acclimation to the tropics continues, and Twins on an Island will give you a glimpse. Grab your suntan lotion and bug spray, we're going to the beach.

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