Oh, for a Jiffy Lube

I don't actually know what happens mechanically when you go to Jiffy Lube. Right now, I'm just liking the Jiffy part.

My brand-new silver X Trail is in the shop. Which means it's in Coxen Hole, at Mark's Garage, the only "shop" on the island. Just sitting there. One minute I was shifting and cruising, the next minute I was grinding and halting. Totally lost my gears. Not sure where they went.

At first, the Nissan dealer in La Ceiba refused to honor the warranty. Said it was my fault for driving the 4 wheel drive car in 4 wheel drive. Hmmm. Then they refused to believe Mark's diagnosis. But, if we would agree to pay for their official mechanic to fly to the island, then maybe. So OK, we paid and he flew. And he agreed with Mark's diagnosis. Next, we learn that no replacement parts exist in the country. The entire country. We will have to go to Japan.

Or rather, Japan will have to send the parts here.

By boat.

It will take 6-8 weeks before my car will be returned, with its shiny new Clutch (transmission?). But, I'm cautioned by Bernard (my Swiss-born Canadian-exiled hair stylist who lives in First Bight), that it might take 6-8 MONTHS. That's what happened to his brand-new Jeep last fall, and it's only now found it's way back to the Bight.

So we are a one-car family, grieving for the loss of automotive freedom and independence. I loved having my own wheels. Here we are in happier days parked at the German Rotisserie:

And here is Mike's truck, getting a wash by Delaney and Hayden:

Mike's truck isn't nearly as comfortable on the bumpy dirt roads. And like the twins, in the morning he wants to head one way while I need to go another way.

We'll work it out.

We're praying that this Japanese boat arrives in a jiffy.

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