100 Balls

I just read a funny story by another Twin Mom who stood shaking her head in Target over a toy that encouraged kids to play in the dark, when they were supposed to be sleeping. "Now who would think that's a good idea?" she asked herself. The answer, of course, was her Husband. He had already added the toy to his shopping cart on the next aisle over.

We've recently had a similar experience. On our trip to Houston last month, Mike spotted a bag with 100 balls. No instructions about what you were supposed to do with them, but boy, he thought they were cool. "Do we really want to pick up 100 balls each night?" I asked tentatively. Yes, it appeared we did. "Can we really fit that big bag in our luggage?" Yes, it appeared we could. And so home we came with very many balls.

In their bag, they are inoccuous enough. Even pretty. Here's what they look like when one twin (Hayden) is in the midst of throwing 10-20% over the banister to his waiting sister. I only prevented the other 80% from going overboard by zipping his hand into the ball bag.

Here's what they look like thrown into the pool (along with some ducks):

Again, this was stopped only by putting the bag into hiding.

At school we are learning to do other sorts of ball games. You know, like hit the baseball, golf ball, throw the beachball. Here's Hayden working on his golf game:
I guess this reassures me that the balls at home are reinforcing our preschool education. And today at school we sorted dozens of red, green and blue teddy bears into piles by color, thus giving me an idea of something new to try with our bag o' balls. See, I'm learning so much by going to Escuela each day. If only the babies were learning to pick things up instead of throw them. For that, I suppose, we'll be needing a new bag of tricks.