B is for...

This week at Discovery Bay we are studying the letter B, which rhymes with 3. That reminds me to finish several recent stories:

B is for Ball: I have just been clued in by my much wiser and more maternally oriented younger sister Marcet, and also by my much wiser and more maternally oriented former assistant Desiree, about the real purpose of the Bag of 100 Balls.

Apparently they are for something called a "ball pit."

Here's what Marcet says is supposed to happen:

"You get a little tent that zips closed and put all the balls in it. Then you zip the kids in and whoo hoo! EVERYTHING is contained and you can have a moment! Well, I guess you would have to make sure the twins did not damage each other, but at least the balls wouldn't be running everywhere! The tent was probably in the aisle next to the balls :)"

Hmmm. Thanks for that now. I guess on our next trip home we'll need to invest in this part of the game. I really need a moment. Desiree even suggested we buy MORE balls for maximum impact. Yes. Perfect. As I write this Hayden is pitching balls into the toilet.

B is for Broken Ribs: After his tumble down wet stairs carrying Delaney (she's fine), Mike is still on pain killers and sleeping in chairs (he moves around the house all night in search of one that's comfortable). He finally saw a doctor, but blew off the chance for X-rays, so we don't know if any ribs are broken or not. Boys will be boys.

B is for Bananas: This morning at 6am our missing banana bunch was returned to us by gardener Senor Gomez. I guess he took them home with him to finishing ripening. The real nuances of this story are totally lost in translation. We thanked him for bringing them back to us, and ate bananas for breakfast!

B is for Beach: I'll end today's lesson at the Beach, where Hayden has found a Boat and Delaney has found her Belly-Button. Bye-bye!

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