So you wonder what it's like with 2?

I'd been trying to get to the beach with the babies since 2:00. Day before yesterday.

We were struggling to make it through the first week WOS (With Out Sharla), and I just knew that the change of scenery down at the beach would do us all good.

"Let's go to the beach," I said to no one who would actually respond. Hayden grunted as he fit two blocks together and Delaney said "Woof."

"Let's go upstairs and put our swimsuits on," I tried again. Delaney headed for the stairs, Hayden headed for the pool. Stairs, pool, which the bigger danger? Close call, but Pool. I ran after Hayden. He's been known to just climb in.

"Let's go upstairs and put our swimsuits on so we can go to the beach." I maneuvered him successfully to the stairs.

Where's Delaney?

Pitter patter from over my head. She's already up the stairs and taking her clothes off. And putting them into the washing machine.

"Delaney, let's do laundry later. Let's put our swimsuits on now."
Where's Hayden?
Pitter patter from down the hall. He's sitting on the rocking horse in his diaper. (How did he get his clothes off?) "Stay there," I said urgently.
Back down the hall to stop Delaney from throwing her Little People over the banister into Sonoma's waiting mouth.
Back into the nursery. In time to see Hayden pointing vigorously at the puddle he's made on the floor, the diaper lying next to him. "That's OK, Sweetie" (where does this patience come from?), "I'll wipe it up." And I reached for the towel we were going to take to the beach.

Where's Delaney?

She's gone back downstairs and escaped to the porch. She's turned on the outside shower by herself and is gleefully cooling off. Hayden took one look and ran to join her. Change of plans: we're taking showers.

By now it's 4:00 and I decide that it must be 5:00 somewhere, so let's skip the beach and head to the bar.

With Daddy in tow by this point, we started down the gravel path to the beach and the bar. Delaney set out eagerly; Hayden was pokey, in search of lizards. He got a rock in his shoe. Then an ant. And there were no lizards. It's all over. Delaney, Daddy and Sonoma kept going, Hayden and Mommy headed back to the house.

The next day we started again. "Let's go put our swimsuits on," I said optimistically.

An hour later we really did get down to the beach, and I was right. The change of scenery did us all good.