When Push Comes to Shove

Hayden has a career in hospitality ahead of him.

So says his father, who is amazed by Hayden's desire to push anything in front of him. His favorite push-toy is a double doll-stroller, a gift at my baby shower. He pushes this stroller round and round the house. Down the driveway. Down the gravel path. Up the gravel path. Through the grass. Into the sand. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. Into the dog. Into his sister.

But the most amazing sight was 18-month Hayden pushing the luggage cart at the hotel on our recent trip to Houston. Once he figured out where the carts were stored in the lobby, he was right on it. Checking in? See Hayden. Have a lot of bags? Hayden's your man. Gone shopping? Call Hayden. He was particularly on-the-job the day we stocked up at Target, Toys R US, and Baby Gap all in one trip.

Hayden's other obsession is cooking. He wants to see everything that's happening above-his-eye-level on the stove, on the counter, inside the refrigerator. He wants the blow-by-blow of scrambling eggs, stirring brownies, or chopping parsley. Not easy to hold a 20-plus pound kid while using your Sandoku. In the market, he'll point to which fruits and vegetables he wants to cook with. Well, I guess maybe he's just pointing to the things he wouldn't mind eating. But I'll pretend that he's planning his challenge as the Next Food Network Star.

So between pushing your luggage cart and scrambling your eggs, Hayden could be your host the next time you check in at a B&B.

And Delaney? She's at the other extreme. When you're in her way, she'll shove you off the bridge.