Las Ranas y Los Pichetes

Remember the frogs I accused of surrounding our house and serenading us, all night long, loudly? Well since I posted that, we have found three such frogs INSIDE the house. So my sense that they were close by was not wrong. They are much, much closer than I thought.

We carried this one outside to the front porch, and determined that the frogs are about one-half the size of the babies' feet. It still amazes me that this tiny creature makes such an enormous noise. We had to restrain Hayden from stepping on it.

With this discovery, I'm thinking that we don't just need to fumigate for fuzzy scorpions, we also need to frog-igate for honking Las Ranas. I suppose they get inside just like the occasional bird and lizard, by flying or crawling or, well, jumping. That's the downside of a wide open house in the tropics.

Hayden and Delaney are especially fascinated by Los Pichetes, the lizards which also live with and among us. We spend entire afternoons hunting for them. When they appear on the porch or by the pool everyone gets excited. This lizard I think showed particular grace as it made its way down the palapa toward our bronze sculpture called "The Dancer":

Our lizards and frogs sort of sum up the current presidential election. One campaign is showing a lot of grace. The other one is making a lot of noise and jumping around. But I digress.

Actually, our froggie roommates have timed their visit well. At Escuela we, too, are practicing jumping. Delaney has just mastered it. Hayden is trying hard. He throws his arms up and looks down at his body, like he's waiting for it to follow along. Then he lifts off and topples backwards (his arms were already up!). He finishes it with a laugh or a grunt, depending on how hard he has fallen down.

But don't think he's not a cool dude. Here he is at school putting on a pair of shades. And check out what's on his shirt.