Rainy Season

Rainy Season has arrived on Roatan. We've had showers off and on all week, with thunder and lightening all night long, and today we are totally socked in with black clouds and pouring rain.

We dressed Delaney and Hayden for school this morning in long pants instead of their usual shorts. They both found this disconcerting and walked around tugging at their legs. I even caught them bending over to pull the pants up and see if their knees were still there. I packed shorts in their school bag just in case the pants proved to be a major distraction.

Beyond being very wet and slightly chilly, other striking characteristics of Rainy Season are its critters and noises. The rain brings out the big blue land crabs, for sure, but they don't say anything. This one appeared on the porch of our guest house. Looks like he's ready for Halloween, doesn't it?
The rain also brings out frogs, in large and loud numbers.

I've decided that frogs get the prize for Noisiest Creatures of Their Size. They talk and squak all night long. It goes something like this:

Frog 1: "HONK honk honk honk honk honk." [pause]

Frog 2: "HONK HONK honk honk honk honk." [pause]

Frog 3: "HONK HONK HONK honk honk honk." [pause]

All Frogs, in unison: "HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK."
Frog 1: [repeat]

Frog 2: [repeat]

Frog 3: [repeat]

There is nothing remotely ribitt-like about them, either. They honk like the crescendo at the start of movies that signals you are now entering Lucasfilm Surround Sound. Loud enough to drown out multi-mile-per-hour winds and roaring surf. Loud enough to make you think a rooster or duck or large monkey has snuck into the house and you get up at 3am to hunt for it. These frogs surround and serenade.

You can tell I'm not getting any sleep, despite the somewhat soothing pitter patter of rain.

This city girl is finding the peace and quiet of the rainforest to be a little disconcerting. Maybe I'll unpack my down comforter and turn on the air conditioning.

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