Bulldozers, Band-Aids and Bundt Cakes in the Sand

Ever since Mike was bitten by a neighbor's dog a month ago, Delaney and Hayden have been obsessed with boo-boos. We have a drawer in the master bathroom, filled with band-aids and cotton balls, which they are allowed to open. Each day they check inventory, empty the boxes, move the contents from room to room. Then they "pick" which of the millions of band-aids is right for their imaginary boo-boo. For a while they also checked on Daddy's boo-boo, but by now they've forgotten about it.

Instead of routinely picking up 100 Balls before bedtime, which we did for several months, we now pick up 1,000 Band-Aids. Mike pointed out today that it was convenient to have band-aids in every corner of the house, for those odd moments when you actually need one. And you thought I didn't have a method to this madness.

Recently Nelson, our house builder, came to try to identify a persistent leak in the roof and ended up cutting a giant hole in the drywall. This has become the new, major Boo-Boo. Yesterday Delaney held an entire conversation with the Boo-Boo Hole in the Wall, and ended by selecting a band-aid from the drawer and sticking it on the plaster, about five feet below the actual hole, but where she could reach. Fortunately she didn't tell me to kiss it and make it better.

Besides band-aids, Hayden is also obsessed with bull dozers, which he calls by his one truly distinct word, "T-RUH" (truck). Presently we have a bull dozer on the premises here at Palmetto for a big water/electric project, which Mike is responsible for. This is a story for another blog.

Suffice it to say that Alberto, the bull dozer operator, gets a kick out of the daily visits from the "Ninos." "Hola Nino, Hola Nina," he says from his high perch. He even let Mike and the Ninos climb aboard. Like the band-aids, this has proven to be cheap entertainment.

I admit I'm feeling a certain ambivalence this week about Thanksgiving. Undoubtedly Nelson will pick Thursday to show up with a crew of workers to repair the Hole in the Wall, making a mess and destroying all sense of holiday. Alberto and the Bulldozer will still be zooming around, reminding us that most people are working. I miss knowing that I'll be cooking a big turkey for family or baking two or three pies to take to friends.

Like we did last year, we will probably be going to the Palmetto restaurant for a buffet dinner. I really don't have the time or energy to do more than that. Still, I wish it were easier to host our own party. So instead of a cherry pie, the babies and I made dozens of bundt-cakes in the sand. And I bought a frozen turkey, just in case I change my mind.