Caribbean Amphibian

Attention all Parrothead friends:

There is a little-known Buffett song hiding on Elmopalooza, a Sesame Street CD that I picked up in Hartford. "Caribbean Amphibian" is such a relief after months of playing "Wee Sing Mother Goose" as we bounce along the Mud Road. (Sorry, Mom. I can only do so many repeats of Hickory Dickory Dock.)

I actually bought two kids' CDs at Borders last week, this one and Dan Zanes "Catch That Train." Dan is one of my heroes; he was a performance artist often featured at Dance Theater Workshop in New York when I was development director there in the 1990s. Now he's featured on the likes of the Disney Channel, among other places, and his videos are awesome. At least they are to me. Like with Caribbean Amphibian, I think I'm getting more enjoyment out of them than their target audience, Delaney and Hayden.

I'm so enamored with my new song that I'm going to share it with you. Note that Kermit the Frog does vocals with Jimmy, backed by the All-Amphibian Band:

I know a tropical island
Where the mango moon
and banana sun shine
And on this tropical island,
there lives a Cousin of mine

Sometimes he lives in the water
Sometimes he lives on the land
Sometimes he likes to go sun himself
on soft, Caribbean sand

Sometimes he hops to Jamaica
Sometimes to Haiti, he hops
Sometimes a warm Puerto Rican beach
is where he finally stops

Sometimes he lives in the water
Sometimes he lives on the land
Sometimes he likes to play music
in an all-amphibian band!

He's a Caribbean Amphibian,
he likes to hop in the tropical sea
Caribbean Amphibian,
A frog in a coconut tree...
A frog in a coconut tree!

I've decided that this little guy is Mike's alter-ego. Island hopping, mango and banana hunting, sea dipping: these are the fantasies that have compelled my hubby for years. So now whenever I see (or hear) a frog, I'm going to think of Mike, in (or under) a coconut tree, happy as can be. And whenever he hears this song, which will undoubtedly be often, I hope Mike will remember what's important, and why he's brought us here.