Parrothead or Little Lady?

You know those stacking toys that have different sized colored rings? You put the biggest ring on the bottom, and stack them up?

Well, Delaney's neck has become a stacking pin. She has begun stacking any and all clothes that she can thread over her head: shirts, shorts, bathing suits, hooded towels, pajamas; you name it, she puts it on. This morning she wore a diaper on the bottom and ten different shirts around her neck, none of them with her arms pulled through.

She has also suddenly discovered Daddy's bead collection. (Mommy's jewelry collection is far less interesting than -- or as large as -- the many years of accumulated Buffett Party Beads buried in the closet.)

When she doesn't have ten shirts on, or even when she does, Delaney will add a string of beads and parade around the house. I can't decide if she's pure Little Girl, or Parrothead-in-training.

Speaking of dressing up, I neglected to post Halloween pictures. Even our international preschool encouraged the holiday, with creative costumes ranging from pirates (of course) to princesses (of course) to cute cousins dressed as Batman and Robin. Delaney was one of two Minnie Mouse's who showed up, but even Disneyland has more than one Minnie, right?
Here is their teacher, Miss Deana, with the two Minnies. Delaney on the left, Nicola on the right. Nicola had the ears, but Delaney had the bloomers. None of them look happy, do they? It was fun, really it was. Really. It was.

And here is the school director, Miss Lily (and teacher of the older group), as a butterfly. She is greeting Dr. Zeekinstein, a relative of Dr. Frank's.

Hayden was a Hawaiian Tourist. He got to wear the beads that day.

And here's my favorite photo of all. Trick or treat from our little goblins.