Island Holidays

Christmas on an island is different from Christmas in Connecticut. One year ago we had just moved into our Roatan dreamhouse. We were in the midst of more unpacking than gift wrapping. The babies were only ten months old, so upholding a bunch of elaborate traditions didn't seem necessary. Plus, the options for decking the halls were quite different.

Instead of tromping through the snow with an axe and mittens to chop down the perfect pine tree, last year Mike bounced over the mountain road to a garden shop and chose the perfect palm. He decorated it with tiny white lights and then we hung the little blue beach chairs that we had used as placecard-holders at our wedding. Voila, a place for Santa to get some shade.
The stockings were hung by the banister with care. We set out pina coladas and coconut cookies as a reindeer snack, and tucked ourselves in to the sound of waves.

Saint Nick arrived by motorboat, not sleigh. He swam up to the house, parked his wetsuit and tank.... no wait, that was the pina colada-induced dream.

Last year's island Christmas was warm and quiet. This Christmas will also likely be warm, but not quiet. I'm trying to change the babies' favorite chorus of "No No No" to "Ho Ho Ho" but so far, no luck. Here's how Delaney greeted Santa this morning at the preschool holiday party:

Hayden was marginally more relaxed, particularly since his own Santa suit was looking so good.

But I guess sitting on Santa's lap is out of the question any time soon.
Tomorrow we fly to Los Angeles to spend two weeks with Papa (another new word) and Grandma (harder to say, hard to abbreviate). Cady will meet us there for one weekend, and my sister Marcet and her family will join us too.
We'll be back on the island right after Christmas to usher in Year Two of our crazy big Caribbean adventure. In the meantime, Twins on an Island will be coming to you from Tinseltown, or quite possibly from one of its many shopping malls.

Feliz Navidad!

Delaney Making Friends

Our girl Delaney has suddenly become quite the flirt. Hayden, watch out!

Here she is with Juan Carlos, one of the Palmetto security guards.
"Hola, Juan Carlos. ¿Cómo está usted?"

But hold on, Juan Carlos. Here comes Samuel!

Samuel Cherington is the handsome son of our equally handsome doctor, Raymond.

Dr. Raymond brought his three kids to play, but it was Samuel who captured Delaney's attention. And Samuel seemed pretty smitten too.

But wait.
Here she is with Carter, our neighbor, yesterday on the beach.
Look out, Samuel!

Which was cuter -- Carter wanting to pick her up over and over, or Delaney letting him do it?

Here's the entire Palmetto kids' crew: Carter and his bro Colin, Delaney and Hayden, and Emily.

They've known each other for a year now, but all of a sudden they are interacting in a whole new way.

Aren't they lucky to have this as their front yard?

Delaney and Hayden are certainly lucky to have such good friends. And at the end of the day, they are also lucky to have each other. Hugs.