Move Over, Eric Estrada (take 2)

Hayden has a thing for Mo-Mos. Motorcycles. And planes and helicopters. And trucks -- don't forget the trucks. Anything that moves, he squeals over.

But a motorcycle offers that special advantage: if you play it right, you might be able to climb on it.

Last month, Hayden got a special thrill in Los Angeles, when his grandpa ("Papa") took us all to the Peterson Automotive Museum. Shrieking with delight, he got up close and personal with the boys from Chips.

He stopped just short of giving his Dad a ticket for driving too slowly down Wilshire Blvd in Papa's nifty new Ford sort-of SUV.

While Hayden was on the bike, Delaney tried on all the uniforms. Like my hat?

Then she took a spin in this antique. Look out, Delaney, you're supposed to keep your hands on the wheel.

The very friendly volunteer took a picture of all of us, ready for a road trip in a Ford of another vintage.

When we returned to Roatan, Hayden was in for one more moveable treat from Papa and Meme: a wheelbarrow he could use to help Senor Gomez, shown bringing up the rear in this picture. Notice that Gomez is moving more slowly, while Hayden's load is considerably lighter.

Since learning how to maneuver it, however, Hayden has filled his wheelbarrow with anything and everything. Rocks, flowers, dolls, blocks, spoons, shoes, and of course the dozens of tiny cars from the new 18-wheeler big-rig car-carrier that Santa brought. If you have 100 balls and 1,000 band-aids to play with, why not 50-some matchbox cars?

But the cars are just placeholders in Hayden's heart for the main event, trucks and airplanes.

"TRU," he says emphatically. Then waves his arm in the air.

He is prompting you to tell him that he flew on an airplane to get to Los Angeles to see Meme and Papa for Christmas. He rode in a truck (van, really) to get to the airport to get on the plane.

"DWO," he says, spitting.

He is reminding you that it took not one, but TWO airplanes after he rode in the truck (van) to get to the airport to get to Los Angeles to see Meme and Papa for Christmas.

"SHHHHhhhh," he says, squinting, and holding his right finger up to the left side of his nose.

Let's all be quiet. Meme and Papa might be sleeping.

"Ba-Ba," he says finally. Bye bye.

Time to get a move on.