Paradise Found (briefly)

Though we didn't actually declare it, Mike and I made a New Year's Resolution to enjoy island life more fully. To actualize our tropical paradise. To have more fun.

We have the beautiful view, the beautiful house, the beautiful kids.

What we lack, generally, is a night-time babysitter.

Over the last two weeks, though, we've made a real effort.

For the first time in about nine months, I got a pedicure. This seems so trivial, except that anyone who knows me knows that the infrequency of pedicures is one of my chief complaints about motherhood. It's just hard to make the time.
But last week I did, with an appointment at the lovely Baan Suerte day spa in Sandy Bay. Here is Lidia waiting for me in her palapa-covered treatment room. With a trickling water garden, scented candles, herb-infused iced tea, a copy of British Vogue and the Caribbean breezes blowing, this was about the best darn pedicure a girl could ask for. (Yes, that's a hand-made clay bowl with tropical flowers floating in the warm water for me to put my feet in.)

Mike and I also got a night out with visiting friends Brinck and Susie, their daughter Alex and her boyfriend Kyle. Our daytime nanny was convinced to spend the night (though it turns out she spent the evening terrified, which we discerned by the fact that she fell asleep with every light on inside the house and out).
We made the trek from Palmetto to the West End, ending up at The Lighthouse for dinner.

Here is Reggie making Rum Punches for Susie and me. He sure knew his way around that blender. And here I am enjoying it, as the sun goes down.