Two are Two

Mike and I survived the twins' birthday -- barely.

I made a number of mistakes, I admit it. I'm new at this.

I baked the cupcakes for school the night before, but left them til the morning to be frosted. Lo and behold, Hayden saw them before he had eaten his Cheerios and forgot all about nutrition. They ate cupcakes and waffles with "'rup" for breakfast.

Then I spilled the sprinkles all over the floor and mussed up the tube of royal icing. So, the cupcakes were more or less undecorated. I forgot the candles, but they were a fire hazard anyway.

I didn't get the rest of the cupcakes hidden, so they were right there on the counter when we got home from school. They ate cupcakes for breakfast, snack and lunch. By dinnertime I had smartened up and squirreled them away, but then realized I didn't really have a dinner plan and considered bringing them back out.

I wrapped the birthday presents ahead of time, but left them on the dining room table. Sure enough, the paper was a strong attraction. Hayden climbed up on a chair to pull them down, knocking over Mike's diet coke can in the process.

Being now two, Delaney and Hayden insisted on "lid Off" of their sippy cups. Being a cool Mom, I figured, they are now two, so why not? Three spilled drinks later, I was back to saying "lid ON".

Same with the juice boxes, whose straws are normally too complex for little mouths. (It is confusing: you tip your head back to drink from a cup, but hold your box down to sip from a straw. Think about it.) Delaney immediately spilled her vitamin-fortified OJ on her new shirt and pulled it Off. Good thing her classmates are used to this.

And on the big day, a new accomplishment that leaves us quaking in our flip flops: Hayden is now strong enough and smart enough to open the giant GE Monogram refrigerator by himself. This means he feels entitled to choose drinks and snacks as he pleases. Delaney conspires; with four hands they managed to pull out the pickle jar and drop it on the floor.

Next he'll be reaching for Daddy's Corona's.

No wait, he's been doing that since he was a baby.

The last two years have gone by very quickly. I guess that makes up for how slow some days seem to go on their own. I know, I know, we wouldn't trade it for anything. Happy birthdays, Delaney and Hayden.