I Be Beesh

Delaney has spoken her first two complete sentences this month. The first is a firm declaration of where she wants to go: the beach.

"I Be Beesh"

"Get me down to the sand now, Mom, and don't forget my Bah-Pah of toys."

Beesh is sometimes confused with Bees, another Delaney trademark. She's shown here wearing both her beads and her backpack of sand toys as she heads to the beach.

Her second sentence is a clear proclamation of innocence when something has gone wrong: "AyNee Di Id." Hayden did it.
This is generally followed by "Uh Oh" repeated a hundred times.

In his defense, Hayden has mastered a charming smile combined with a less-charming NO for emphasis.
Who threw the 50 diapers over the banister? Aynee Di Id. Who poured his drink onto the counter to see what would happen? Aynee. Who tore the elephant from the E page in the book? Aydnee, of course.

Sometimes, though, it's Noma who's at fault. Our dog, Sonoma. Mike and I call her Nomsie for short, but Delaney and Hayden now call her Noma.

Poor Noma is often accused of stealing crackers from little fingers. The little fingers don't understand that when they hold out a cookie, a dog will reasonably think that's an invitation. But then Delaney stomps a foot and cries "NO NO Noma. Noma, NO NO."

Noma is also a partner in all kinds of mischief. Part babysitter, part two-year-old herself, Sonoma is right beside Delaney and Hayden for most of their adventures.

Now, which of them do you think will need to be rescued from the pool?

That's right, it was Aynee. We pulled him out sputtering and surprised.

"Uh Oh," said Delaney.
At least one hundred times.