Mike talks about... Manana Time

Manana in the Spanish dictionary means tomorrow. However, the word seems to be open to various interpretations.

Manana according to our builder usually means four weeks from now, if we're lucky.

Manana according to the pool chemical supplier means the chlorine is on the boat in Miami.

Manana is the promise of the car dealer, when the part you need is in Japan.

Things are also promised manana when the store doesn't have what you need -- and never will. It is also used when they have no idea what you just tried to say in Spanish.

Alecia and I need to learn the Spanish words for "sometime in our lifetime." At least then we'd feel more honest.

"Island Time" is another frequently used term. Meeting a gringo at nine on Monday generally means sometime that morning. To a Honduran, it means the first part of the week.

The twins interpret time very differently. If we are going swimming after lunch, it means taking off their clothes... immediately. In the kitchen, in the grocery store, wherever. Mention the beach and they are out the door and halfway down the hill before you can find your shoes. For two-year-olds, manana is not an operating concept.

My watch stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I've decided I don't even need it. Manana will come soon enough.
Contributed with love and frustration by Michael Kintner, Delaney and Hayden's dad