All Wet

Delaney likes being dry.

She runs around the house looking for her bay-doot (bathing suit) and pulls off all her clothes to wriggle into it. She jumps into the pool. She giggles with delight and says, "Wet." And then she pulls off her bay-doot and throws it over the side.

Same for spilling a little milk or getting caught in the rain. "All Wet," she says. And pulls off all her clothes.

While my parents were here visiting last month, we went to Foster's on West Bay Beach for lunch. In the usual chaos of being with twins in a restaurant, I didn't pay much attention to Delaney emptying the beach bag. After all, it was keeping her busy.

Lunch was served and she promptly tried drinking from my glass and spilled ice down her front. "Wet," she announced unnecessarily. I started to say it will dry, heck we're at the beach. But she had already pulled her shirt off.

Then, to our amazement she ran to the other side of the restaurant, to an empty table we hadn't noticed before.
On one of its chairs she had apparently stockpiled all the extra clothing we had brought in the beach bag.
She sorted through her options and picked out a new (dry) shirt.
Her traveling closet. A girl who thinks ahead. A girl with a plan.

Sometimes I'm scared to think about just what she has in store for us.

Here she is, sans bay-doot, working on my resume. Make it good, Delaney, make it good.