Footwear in Paradise

Like the Cheeseburger, footwear in paradise is best when kept simple.

Generally, you find yourself walking on something other than concrete. To get from your car to a restaurant, for example, you're liable to traverse sand, mud, gravel and sea grass. Often it's dark and wet. You don't want your shoes to be too nice, or made of anything other than plastic that you can rinse off. Crocs fit that bill pretty well.

Here is Delaney, searching for her Crocs at school among those of her classmates (hers are the smallest pink ones on the right). She likes to try on everyone else's shoes, kind of like shopping, only without the commitment.

Hayden likes to wear one Croc at a time, hobbling along with his other foot bare. We're not sure why. Or he uses his shoes in one of his many science experiments. Here, they have been set out to sail the calm waters of the infinity edge pool.

I underappreciated Crocs for a long time. I think my reluctance to embrace them started when Mike insisted on buying them in bright yellow. Fortunately, that particular pair has worn out and he's moved on to a more muted green. My own red ones only come out when it rains.

For me, island footwear consists of J. Crew wedge flip flops. I have 15 pairs. Heck, a girl still wants to accessorize. Coordinating my flip flops to my shorts is about the most indulgent part of my morning.

If you want proof of how inappropriate anything other than Crocs or flip flops are, check out Delaney on Valentine's Day. It was a big deal at school, so she wore a "Des" and picked out her holiday black-patent Mary Janes.

Here she is running through the school yard, trying to keep her Des and her Doose from tripping her up.
I sympathize.
It's hard to be a girly girl on an island.
But it's awfully easy to be a kid.

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