Loving Bobbie

Delaney's greatest love, after her Daddy, is Bobbie.

Bobbie dines at the table, heads off to school, hangs out at the swing, and occasionally even goes to the beach.

Bobbie goes with her everywhere, offering an unconditional, traditional sort of love. When out of her sight, Delaney will yell "Bob-BIE!!!" as if it will come running like Noma the dog.

Hayden has a matching Bobbie in blue, but generally requires it only at night. And sometimes first thing in the morning. Occasionally around lunchtime. Sometimes while reading or coloring.
To our surprise, Hayden has taken to calling the blanket "Wah Wah." He used to be able to pronounce Blankie, and Bobbie, but has reverted to Wah Wah. This coincides with the arrival of the twins' first bikes, purchased at Christmastime in Los Angeles and recently shipped to the island by Bopa and Meme.

Hayden discovered a way to keep Wah Wah close while hitting the road. He stuffed it into his bike's seat.

"Wah Wah!" "Beep beep!" he shouts as he pedals down the deck.

Keeping The Bobbies clean is one of the greatest challenges of motherhood. I confess we are dirtier than we ought to be, most of the time. Thank goodness for the speed cycles on the washing machine and dryer. Of course, Hayden sometimes takes matters into his own hands by throwing Pink or Blue Bobbie into the pool.

The Bobbies were baby gifts from Dianne, who knew me when I was the twins' age and looked just like Delaney.
Dianne embroidered each blanket with Delaney and Hayden's name and birthdate. They are beautiful. I only wish I could be sure that they will survive the next few years intact.

I've decided that The Bobbies are good reminders: you don't need lots of close friends, but those you have, you must treasure well.