Bunnies Hopping

Mike and I haven't had a babysitter break in four days.

We're about to crawl into a rabbit hole for a long, long time.

We're so lucky that friends from Houston, Maine, and just down the road have saved us from the bunny blues.

Here are some Easter weekend highlights:

Thursday I decided I was coming down with malaria. A blood test at Dr. Raymond's office, along the lines of Mike dropping his drawers in the Farmacia, thankfully proved I was wrong. During the hour-long wait I was able to go shopping, scoring a bunch of yellow (not green, not brown) bananas and a watermelon from a fruit stand in Coxen Hole. Watermelon turned out awful; bananas were a big hit back home.

Friday, Delaney and Hayden got to indulge repeatedly in their favorate indoor sport: flour shakers with a side of playdough. At least it kept them happy. And really, what's a little dusting of flour over all your surfaces a few days before company's coming?

Saturday offered a blissful respite: a three hour nap. (For Delaney and Hayden, not Mike and Alecia. Darn.)

Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and earlier than usual, causing Mama and Daddy Bunny to scurry to hide the eggs that Mama had dyed the night before. Mama improvised Easter baskets out of egg cartons, just like Wondertime magazine told her to. Daddy hid the hard-boiled wonders in the garden along with a plastic Elmo egg or two. Mama had bought little treats to put inside the plastic eggs, but, as Delaney says, "No fit." So the plastic eggs just, well, came apart.

In the afternoon friends joined us in the swimming pool and on the lawn for another egg hunt. Delaney and Hayden hosted their friends with a joie de vivre I can only envy.

Today, the Honduran holidays continue. No school til tomorrow (who's counting?). Mike heroically set out to wash the dog with the twins' help. Delaney was hip to it (she has just mastered washing her own hair, so washing Sonoma's was a transferable skill).

But, Hayden refused to follow any directions and washed the sliding glass doors instead. And soaked (drowned) the container basil. And showered his sister. And sprayed his Dad. Agua everywhere but on the dog.

Fortunately this water show was interrupted by the arrival of Paradise Computers, whose techies were making a house call to install new internet service. Yes, even in paradise, techies are needed. Oh, yes.

Tomorrow, in my mind, the Easter holiday comes to an end and the new beginning begins. But my dyed eggs are still so pretty. I may keep them for a couple more days.

Happy Spirit of Easter from our casa to yours.