Dia Tipico

6:00am Wake to the sound of the surf.

6:05am Wake again to the sound of "MOMMMMMYYYY...."
Grumble that it's too early to get out of bed.
Reminder to Self: I should be grateful they slept through the night.
6:15am Inhale coffee while entertaining twins with cute doggie movie.

7:25am Grumble that hairdryer overheats before hair looks good. Reminder to Self: hairdryers on an island are lame.

8:15am Pick up nice lady in front of Corozol snack stand. Talkative twins quiet down to check out Mommy's latest hitchhiker. Lady tells me in Spanish that she raised six children all on her own. I tell her in English that she's crazy. Fortunately she doesn't understand.

8:40am Park at SonRise Mission to wait for Nurse Peggy. Grumble that SonRise isn't open to sell me a cinnamon roll and latte. Reminder to Self: this isn't the sole purpose of the Mission and I don't need those calories anyway.

8:45am Pull over for scruffy, though not alarming, man while driving in Peggy's truck en route to fundraising meeting.

"Nurse Peggy, what about 'dem mattresses?" he asks. "Don't know right now, Victor," she says. "I also need more of 'dem vitamins you give me," he says. "Come by this afternoon," she says.

Continue driving.

"He lives in a box," Peggy says.

"Oh," I say.

"He used to live in a container but the gringo that owned it kicked him out."

"Oh," I say.

"He needs a mattress for his box?" I ask. Try not to think about the number of guest beds lying empty at home.

"Yes, I'm trying to get him one," Peggy says.



1:00pm Fix lunch of "roni" (pepperoni) and cheese. Grumble that Hayden spills his big-boy juice cup on the table just so he can clean it up with a "bunshe" (sponge). Reminder to Self: this too shall pass.

1:30pm Offer to drive housekeeper Maria as far as French Harbour since I'm going there anyway. Notice she has picked two small flowers from our front hedge to take with her back to the Los Fuertes barrio.

1:45pm Give up trying to figure out how to say in Spanish:
"take all the flowers from the garden that you want... buckets of them... we don't need them all..." as we drive in silence. Reminder to Self that she's probably not lonely in her one-room apartment; that really, I'm the only person in her life she can't communicate with. Sit quietly not saying anything. Resolve to give her armloads of flowers on Thursday.

2:15pm Grumble that the "new" Eldon's is already out of chocolate chips. Reminder to Self: I bought two packages last time and haven't done anything with them, so I don't really need back-up yet.

4:00pm Read email asking for volunteers to cuddle and feed babies of HIV/AIDS mothers one hour a week. Wonder if I can squeeze that in because it seems like such a good thing to do.

4:01pm Break up fight over Blue Pens. Suggest going to pool deck to play.

4:03pm Break up fight over Blue Bikes. Suggest snack.

4:05pm Break up fight over bowls of Blueberries offered as bribes disguised as snacks.

4:30pm Listen to Mike repeat "paddle, kick, paddle, kick" over and over in the swimming pool. Pull up by the ear any baby that goes under.

5:30pm Watch the "dundet" (sunset) from screened porch. Act out the concept of clean-up in case this behavior is actually learnable.

6:30pm Kiss babies goodnight. Cuddle Hayden.

"Gracias Moma," he says unexpectedly.

Gracias, Hayden.

Muchas gracias. Reminder to Self: give lots more cuddles tomorrow.

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