Don't Lick the Art

Hayden has not outgrown his baby impulse to put everything in his mouth. Things other than food, I mean.

Sticks, stones, playdough, neosporin, chalk, soap, markers, sponges. You name it, he's tasting it.

Recently I had to pull him off a bronze statue, whose elbow he was sucking.

"Don't lick the art,' I said.

At Christmas Mike surprised us with a delectable new wooden sculpture by island artist Melvin. We called this "Christmas Fish" -- appropriate, if not original. Sure enough, Hayden climbed right on to Fish and tasted the paint. Here's a short, ridiculous family video (shot 6 months ago; our language skills have come a long way since then). If you watch closely, Hayden bends down to give Christmas Fish an, um, kiss, while he's riding it like an, um, cowboy. Giddee up.

Don't lick the Fish, Pirate.

The plus side of all this experimentation is that Hayden's a really good eater. His current favorites are grilled shrimp, pesto-covered pasta, bananas, guavas and prunes. However, I'm tempted to write to San Pellegrino and tell them how grossly we are misusing their oh-so-elegant product. Not only do we call it Green Agua in our house, but it is the one beverage that I allow Delaney and Hayden to drink from a real cup. This means lots of gurgling, backwashing and dunking. Last night, it was lasagna and broccoli dunked in the Pellegrino. I'll spare you the photos of that.

Hayden's also very interested in cooking. I'm imagining that he's going to fulfill my fantasy of being the Next Food Network Star. "Me Up," he insists, whenever I'm doing something in the kitchen or at the stove. He pushes a counter stool over and climbs up to watch -- or stick a finger in it.

Here he is with nanny Jesse, and Delaney is with visiting new-nurse Carrie-Ellen, making Jesse's birthday cupcakes last week.


How do I explain that it's OK to lick the spoon?


  1. I just howled my way through this and had to send it to my mother. Hayden’s future wife will get quite a kick out of these… J


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