Two Little Fishes

"Sfimming!" yells Delaney.

"Me Sfim!" says the Pirate Hayden.

"DimSuit?" asks Delaney.

"No, Meese DimSuit," answers Pirate.

"Me Ready!" says Delaney.

And they both pull off all their clothes and run to the pool.

We've reached a milestone here this weekend. After a year of shunning any type of flotation device in the water, all of a sudden they are both clamoring for the independence that a vest or a bubble gives them. The "swim sweater" is the absolute best. It's a very buoyant inner-tube attached to an SPF 50 rash guard shirt. After seeing another toddler on the beach wearing one last year, we ordered one for ourselves. Unfortunately it's sat around ever since.

But Mike decided the time was right to try again, and he was, in fact, right. Both babies have become big fans and started swimming on their own.

Until yesterday, when the Swim Sweater sprung a leak. ("Noma Di Dit!" they said, pointing to the dog.)

I remembered seeing something along the same lines at Plaza Mar, so I suggested we go to the store and buy another one.

"Shopping!" yelled Delaney.

"Me Shop!" said the Pirate Hayden.

"Shoes On?" asked Delaney.

"No, Me Shoes," answered Pirate.

"Ready!" yelled Delaney.

And they both grabbed their shoes and ran to the car.

Turns out Plaza Mar didn't have the Swim Sweater, but a couple of temporary substitutes til new ones arrive from Amazon.
"Poohl!"yells Delaney.

"Me Poohl!" says Pirate Hayden.

"Shalk!" demands Delaney.
"No, Me Shalk," yells Pirate.

"Dwawing!" says Delaney.

Boy, they're going to hate me for this shot one day, aren't they? So many reasons. Yes, the naked one is Delaney. The guy with the dress and the funny hat on is Hayden.

You'll be glad to know that this time around we've found a more masculine and basic version of the Swim Sweater for Hayden.

Swimways Step 2 Swim Sweater - Blue/Green

So the classic question for Parents of Twins is:
Should we order the same "new basic" version for Delaney, in purple instead of blue, or should we order her the Princess Swim Sweater in pink?
Help us decide by taking the poll or leaving a comment below.

Thanks, and happy splashing!


  1. David Malinowski5/4/09, 3:12 PM

    Greetings from wet and not wild, PA.I think, the basic. Princess one is a bit much for my taste. LOL

  2. I vote New basic in PURPLE! Princess stuff is highly overrated...although, if you choose it, she'll look adorable in it =)

  3. I cast my vote for the Princess Swim Sweater because it's OH SO CUTE. But you probably should go for the purple version of the basic. They'd both be happier. And they might even decide to switch one day and no one will tease Hayden. You definitely need to bring that photo out some day. At the appropriate moment. It's a prize-winner. Judy

  4. Purple all the way. I mean...not that there's anything WRONG with pink.



  5. Purple gets my vote. Somehow I think Delaney is quite secure already of her princess status.

  6. The pink princess swim sweater is pretty cool for a little girl. I think Delaney would love it. Dianne


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