40 is the new...

So I turned 40 and got inspired to shake things up a bit.

I put on a dress instead of shorts, causing much confusion to Delaney and Hayden.

I ordered iced tea instead of red wine, causing much confusion to my favorite waiter at the Blue Bahia.

I decided to start swimming laps (and have done so twice.... OK, maybe once), causing much confusion to my husband who thinks he is just brushing the pool every day for the pleasure of the birds.

I debated over my birthday wishes: a) get serious about buying family health insurance or b) ask for a treadmill. I chose to apply for insurance, since it seemed easier to fill out an online form than to fly to San Pedro Sula looking for personal fitness equipment.

Or easier than actually getting on the treadmill.

That turned out to be only partly true, since the online form took hours and then required lots of follow-up. But as of today, after a year-and-a-half at the mercy of the Honduran medical system, we are now globally insured.

Then I realized I needed to reinvigorate my job search after being told that my resume was "eclectic." So far I've applied for three "virtual" remote jobs and one at the fancy family resort, Tyler Place. That's where I just confessed that I lied in order to make our reservation as Junior Midgets. I mean, if I'm going to bother to confess, and then promote them on this blog and elsewhere, I might as well keep going and ask for a salary, right?

Most fun of all, I decided to give this blog a fresh look. Hope you like it. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. You might also tell me what else I should do to make 40 new and different.


  1. Your new design looks FANTASTIC. I love it.

    Happy 40th!!!

  2. I love the new design. And a very happy belated birthday. 40 never looked so good! However, as an over 40 victim of fate and one who passed 40 so long ago, I can't remember how to make 40 new and different.


  3. felice compleses anos! (though I probably didn't spell that right. We just got back from our honeymoon in Barcelona, where Catalan is favored over Spanish.) Love the new look. Eclectic, huh? Think that's basically what people have been trying to tell me, too. Ah well, a little consulting, a little teaching, and a little painting is not a bad life at all.


  4. Happy Belated Alecia!
    Enjoy the fabulous forties.
    Love the new look.

  5. Wait until you try to say a little white lie and the kids give you away. LOL. Happy Belated Birthday. You look great Alecia at 40! Keep enjoying life and doing what makes you happy!

  6. This is great!
    I love the new look.
    Keep doing what your doing.
    Shake something up everyday!

  7. Happy birthday from the Brydges!!

    I'll (Amy) be 40 in October. I hope I get inspired to be healthy, too... I'm not sure it will happen!

    Are you coming back to the states any time soon?

    love, Amy, Andy, Charles and Emily


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