Curfews and Time Outs

Mike and I celebrated the 4th of July weekend focused on (obsessed with) Honduran democracy. He walked in the island's peace march. I read the briefings from the U.S. Department of State and what seemed like hourly messages from the Warden at the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa.

We missed the memo that the country of Honduras was under government order of curfew at 6:30pm Sunday night. Fortunately, the three restaurants we tried to go to (with the babies, rarin' to go "oud da dinner") had heard the mandate from the mainland, and were closed up tight.

We turned around, hungry, and made it home just before sunset. Only then did we learn that the Policia were shaking their heads at motorists, pointing them home, and clearing out bars from the West to East ends.


"Baby Time Out," Delaney tells me.

"Baby's in Time Out?" I ask.

did Baby do?"

"Eee hit Haynee," she explains. "No hit."

"What else don't we do in this house?" I ask her.

"No bite an no push," she answers.

"Did you tell Baby you love her anyway and give her a kiss?" I ask.

"Yes," says Delaney, and squeezes her doll.


How strange to be among those who feel convinced of one thing -- that the removal of a corrupt, though elected, president was actually the right thing to do -- but to know that this viewpoint was leading to "world isolation" and the threat of violence from neighboring socialist nations. Not even, necessarily, organized violence; today we learned that many of those "neighbors" from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba were already illegally in the country, quite likely paid to instigate disorganized chaos.

CNN reports that 4 are killed; that is proven incorrect, it was only one, one of those stirring up insurrection. And the shot that killed him wasn't from the militia.


The tide may yet turn. Obama is having to defend his position to Russian students.

Hillary Clinton's phone number is being circulated on Facebook. (Dial it, and you get an annoyed staffer.)

So is a petition to the American President in support of Honduran democracy, now with 5,605 signatures. Sign it at http://www.petitiononline.com/honduras/petition.html.

"Hayden! We need to water the plants, not the stones," I say in exasperation.

A minute later:

"Hayden! Water the plants, not your shorts!"


"Hayden! Please water the plants, not your sister!"

"Enough agua already. Time for bed," I say.

"No NO NOOO!" says Hayden.

"Not snoozy time," says Delaney.

"We're counting to Ten, then bedtime," I say.


"TWFO," they say.

"What's next?" I ask.

"FOUR," they say.

"Three, four..."


"What's next?"


"Ok, Nine," I say. "Ten. Bedtime!"

Peace Rally photos borrowed from Bruce Starr. Thanks, Roatan Bruce.