Sunrise, Sunset

There' s a moment in the morning that sets the mood of the whole day, kind of like the first sip of coffee.

It's the moment when I look up and actually notice the Caribbean sea in front of me.

I can go for an hour, maybe more, without focusing on the ocean waves and expanse of blue that surround our house. So caught up in the first diaper changes ("change me pants"), first sippy cups of milk ("me more Nup"), first showings of Baby Einstein or Elmo ("me EV on"). First amazing gulps of Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut after a short night's sleep. All these things distract me from really looking out the windows.

But then there' s point when I do, and I breathe deeply.

This is so beautiful. This is mine.

If only I could keep repeating that moment throughout the day, like pouring another cup of joe and inhaling its steamy motivation. But the moment's fleeting. Stuff gets in the way. And time goes by and soon it's dun-det, with the sun going down behind us. We can actually watch it drop and be submerged by the water.

And I breathe deeply, because it's nighty-night time. Another day done. Hopefully lived well, or at least well-intentioned.

Buenos noches.


  1. Well said...and well photographed!

  2. Truly amazing. All around.

  3. Beautiful photo!!


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