Time and The Senator

by Michael Kintner

This week Hayden and Delaney turned 2 1/2. Forty years ago this week was my last week working for Senator Ted Kennedy in Washington.

Last week, Delaney and Hayden (with considerable help from Mommy) made cupcakes for my 60th birthday. Last week, I assigned my high school class a paper on Woodstock, which was 40 years ago.

Time has been on my mind, if not on my side.

Two-and-a-half means a lot. Hayden now tells me his is a Boy, even a "BIG boy." The twins now do "BIG jumps" into the swimming pool, going underwater. Two-and-a-half makes a BIG difference in school and camp placement.

The 60th birthday was no big deal. Several age-related emails and cards arrived from friends and relatives. Since I don't feel 60, I laughed. The caricatures don't mean much.

The death of Senator Kennedy does make me feel old... and sad. It is an end of an era. I have now lived to see John, Bobby and Ted pass on.

Senator Edward Kennedy was one of the most effective and respected U.S. senators. He got things done in an institution that is known for inaction, delay and worthless pontificating.

Senator Ted Kennedy fought hard against inequality and senseless wars like Vietnam and Iran. He was a champion for the poor, for minorities, and for the powerless.

Yes, he made mistakes in his life, even tragic ones. Opponents used these mistakes to vilify him.

Yet, the reality is that Senator Kennedy worked his way back to become the true conscience of the Senate. We can honor him by passing healthcare reform, with a public option.

He often called healthcare reform "the cause of my life."

I'm reflecting on this and wondering: what will be the cause of Delaney and Hayden's lives?

Only time will tell.


  1. This is magnificent...poignantly put and so true. Thank you Mike for sharing life with all of us...past, present and visions yet to be. May we all follow in the footsteps of those who came before and create those about which we can be proud. Happy Birthday again from someone who has had and continues to have the privilege of being related to you! xoxo sk

  2. Hola!! I just found you and wanted to say hi.I have always wanted to live on an island in the Carribean!! Way cool! I am a new blogger and would love it if you would stop by and say hi!

  3. Happy Birthday, old timer, from your friends the Bradleys in Canton. (Google is a wonderful thing.) All is well here - Beth's heart is a champ, and I'm on my own now, doing fine as a free-lance writer. Just got back from a three-week vacation in California; now Beth keeps bringing up Roatan. Know any good rentals? Very, very happy to read how well you're doing, and how happy you and yours all look. Hi, Alecia - your kids are beautiful!


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