I've been thinking a lot about balance lately.

Last weekend Hayden emptied the outdoor fridge of its contents (beer) and made his first (world's first?) Salva Vida Leaning Tower. Look at that smile and that perfectly balanced pose.

He's started riding his baby-big-wheel while standing on the seat. Generally buck naked. Vroom Vroom.

Delaney has learned to hold her breath and swim underwater. Without a flotation device. Gulp.

Their new favorite game is "colors," in which they pour pitchers-full of colored water into dozens of plastic cups. The object is not to spill; that is, until they intentionally pour the entire pitcher out onto the slate patio stones. At which point I get out the broom and frantically try to sweep the colors away, afraid they'll stain. I guess I'm not much fun.

This morning I caught them each with one leg thrown over the second floor balcony, about to try to retrieve Delaney's blanket on the steps below. Their balance was impressive. I, of course, lost it completely as I pulled them from the ledge.

They've started coming into our bed each night (oh, I miss cribs). First comes Delaney, who crawls up and snuggles in the middle. Then a little while later, Hayden, who announces himself by saying, "YeeSHA!" (He's stopped calling me Mommy.) He wants to be pulled up, then wriggles around til he's perpendicular between us. Head pushed into my stomach and feet pushed into Mike's. I think we're tired all the time.

The last five weeks have been out of balance.

We've had country-wide lock-downs due to the political crisis in Honduras.

We've had a soap-operaesque who-dun-it rock the expat community

We've had bickering and clawing within our homeowners association (never again, thank you).

I've had a return to grant deadlines, development plans and event planning.

Mike's had the challenge of focusing high school kids' attention on an internet curriculum, on an island where the internet's hit or miss. We've also had colds, malaria, bug bites and bee stings.

Ah, paradise.

I'm looking forward to re-syncing. That's the plan for October. But of course, that was the plan for September, too. Maybe I just need to accept the imbalance for a while longer.


  1. YeeSha, you sound a little down in paradise town. Don't blame you with your crazy routines and imbalanced lives and local mis-happenings.

    Cheer up, because we all live vicariously through these postings and blogs and we need our fixes!

    Tim G.

  2. Hola!
    Was sooooo glad to read your recent blog. You have been missed. I realize this is a very busy time of life with twins. I will share with you what my mother once told me..." they will grow"...
    It goes by so fast. Enjoy all that is....
    Love ,

  3. Missed you. Hang in there. Nothing lasts forever...the best saying when you have malaria and bug bites..not so much when you ae having fun.BUT you know its true. Everything will be sorted out and in balance again soon. They are really cute!


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