A good night's sleep

Ever wonder what cruise ships do with their worn-out "stuff"?

Well, the Carnival Valor gives a shout out to Nurse Peggy as it passes by our shores.

Here, the Valor's Head of Housekeeping gives Clinica Esperanza notice of its bounty:


Sent: Monday, September 28, 2009 8:08 AM


Subject: Donation in Roatan

Good morning,

Please be informed that this coming port of Roatan, September 28, we are going to donate below listed items:

200 pillows;

100 blankets;

70 bed frames.

Kindly assist.

Thank you and regards,

Serhiy Bukarev

Asst.Hskp.Mgr II

Today, port o' call also included dozens of mattresses. They are temporarily stored on the clinic's second floor, in what will someday be the Pediatric Inpatient Unit -- a new children's hospital.

According to Miss Peggy, the beds won't sit there for long. Clinic staff gets the word out into the community and waiting lists materialize. "We'll have 80 people in line for 50 mattresses," she says.

It's customary for islanders to sleep many people in a bed. Sometimes a home will have only hammocks. Sometimes, if the family is fortunate enough to own several mattresses but has only a one-room house, they pull them out at night and stack them in a corner during the day.

I remember once, when I traded up a mattress back home, asking the salespeople how to recycle the old one. I was told that it's illegal to pass on used mattresses in the U.S.

How silly.

I guess I should stop complaining about Delaney and Hayden climbing into "the big bed" with us, and wondering whether Mike and I will ever get another good night's sleep. Instead I'll be re-newly grateful for all the plush pillowtops and organic cotton in our lives.

It's hard to comprehend inequity in the world, but it's inspiring to see one corporation making such a tangible effort to put something still useful to good use. And even more so to see how Clinica Esperanza can take a pile of items discarded by a passing ship, and turn them into treasure.


  1. Very Cool!! And I'm sure they are all in great condition since the cruise ships don't allow "wear and tear" to show!! What about hotels?

  2. This is just wonderful. Now the question is how many other ships dock there -and how do we get them to compete to help the hospital?

    good luck with that!



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