Holy Mackerel

Last Sunday we sought out the air conditioning at Wendy's Mega Clown Jungle Gym. Our hopes for endless hours of entertainment were so high that Mike and I even brought along books to read. You'd think we headed for Starbucks on a pre-twins morning after a hot date.

Turned out only the room was hot and the clown was (as I've noted before) freakishly scary and far too big for unsupervised play.

So today we sought ocean breezes and the endless sand playground of West Bay Beach. We turned down invitations to swim with the dolphins, get our hair braided, or have a massage in full view.

Instead, after a swim and one ill-fated sand structure, we ended up on a Glass Bottom Boat.

Turns out the boat was a little tight below deck. The "glass" was on the windows that lined a row of skinny benches, not below our feet.

It was the narrowest space ever for a boat with the word "bottom" in it.

Kind of like the clown chute at Wendy's.

Once we were packed in, the skipper closed the door to the top deck. We were, shall we say, confined.

It was the longest 50 minutes for parents of twins in recent memory, but who's counting?

Delaney was less than excited by the schools of fish swimming on either side of her. She decided to take up photography, filling the camera with photos of my knees.

She snapped one of my face, too.
Since I'm always complaining that I'm never in the pictures of our family adventures, I'll post it here.

Thanks, Delaney.

In the midst of the fidgeting (theirs) and deep breaths to fight off claustrophobia (mine) we did manage to capture one fabulous underwater fish moment.

We also saw two sea turtles, which was a real treat. Unfortunately, my knees got in the way of that picture.

Next Sunday, we'll mix it up a bit and hit the Butterfly Gardens or Iguana Farm. Anyplace with wide open spaces. Or at least the prospect of Boat Drinks.

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