Off to the Mall

The Mega Mall.

Our new suburban-like parking lot surrounded by a scattering of shops, on the other side of the bumpy windy mountain road from our home at Palmetto Bay.

Last Sunday Mike and I needed a mega dose of mall entertainment. At least I did, and I convinced him that he did, too.

We decided to hit Wendy's for a cup of hot coffee in a sublimely air conditioned interior, complete with kids' indoor mega climbing gym. We had come off of a night of very little sleep (two little wanderers in and out of "the big bed") and needed something that would wear these relentless sleepwalkers out.

Please note: Wendy's wouldn't normally be my destination of choice, for fast food or anything else. But here, we've come to appreciate it. Wendy's is the only food option in the San Pedro Sula airport, where invariably you are stuck with long waits til the puddle jumps to La Ceiba and Roatan. After flying all night or getting up early in the morning, Wendy's pancakes or chicken sandwich seem pretty darn appealing. Especially if you can remember enough Spanish to ask for the sandwich without the mayonnaise. And now, with its brand new island outpost, I can actually drive through and order something to go. Doesn't matter what, it's just the idea of it.

But this morning was all about the coffee. And the little hash browns (Hayden liked them, Delaney didn't). Then there was the main event, an enormously unsafe looking climbing thingy with a clown face that swallowed up my babies before I could stop them from trying it.

There's Delaney, at the top, enclosed in plexiglass.

Freaky, isn't it?

Plus, the a/c hadn't been turned on under the big top, so we sweated our way through the coffee and hash browns, just like we would've at home.

The babies went up and down the clown, loving every minute.

If only it wasn't so hot and the clown wasn't so scary.

Finally, with the lure of further treats, we went for a stroll around the mall. Admired the hamsters and parrots in the windows of Dr. Soto's new pet store. Sampled the mango gelato at Cream of the Trop. Marveled at the idea of a bank open on Sundays. Ended up at the market for some hyper-mega grocery shopping.

I know, we're not in Kansas anymore. The French Harbor Mega Plaza is a far cry from the Grove or West Farms. It's also worlds away from the Mercado or the Pulperias or even the old Eldon's, where you'd be lucky to find a fresh fruit or vegetable let alone a home-made waffle cone.

And, it's a destination. With twins on an island, that's a darn good thing.

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  1. Alecia,
    You're timing with this update is impeccable! As you may remember from your previous life, it is so easy when you've never lived anywhere but the USA to complain about the slightest inconvenience...waiting too long in line for almost anything, etc. Reading about the simple pleasures of life here that, in Roatan, are rare and valued treasures, reminds of how much we take for granted. Really looking forward to seeing you all at Thanksgiving!


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