"I want to put a sticker on the moon," Hayden says.

"La Luna," Delaney corrects.

"Moona," he insists. "I want to put the sticker there."


"Storm coming, Laney," Hayden tells his sister.

"Going to rain?" she asks him.

"Yes, and tunder wake me up," he says.

"Need to take our rain coats to kool," she reminds him. "We no want t'get wet."


"Me do project," she announces.

"Me need goo."

"And pens."

"And paper."

"Me no take a snoozy, Mommy. Me not finished with my project."

"Me want to be a Pink Butterfly for Hallween, Mommy," she said.

"Me be Blue Butterfly, Yeesha," he piped in.

"You're a Lion, Aynee," she reminded. "You no be Blue Butterfly."

"Roar," he said. "Me Lion. Me ROAR."

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