Someday My Prince

Delaney and Hayden have recently discovered the world of fairy tales through the movie Thumbelina.

I still remember the original Hans Christian Andersen film: "Thumbelina, what's the difference if you're very small? When your heart is full of love, you're nine feet tall."

But this remake features new music by the unlikely ensemble of Barry Manilow, Charo and Carol Channing. Try tuning into this more than once a day, starting before you've even had your coffee.

The story's [basically] the same: a diminutive gal finds her handsome Prince, but must dodge a tap-dancing Beetle and an aggressively lonely Mole, or else risk getting frozen in an ice cube.

Or something like that.

Finally they promise to live happily ever after -- "or longer," as Prince Cornelius says optimistically.

My Inner Feminist is thinking that I ought to try to correct this picture for both Delaney and Hayden. Why isn't the Prince conflicted about his own pint-sized-ness?

Why isn't he put through the wringer to fit in and ultimately accept himself for who he is?

Why can't Thumbelina say, "thanks for promising me forever, but right now I'm happy to be living in the moment?"

But then, my Inner Child reminds me that these are young imaginations at work, being inspired by the magic of Disney (which truthfully, despite feminist theory, I'm all in favor of). I'm betting that if Determined Delaney sets out, on the verge of her third birthday, to find a Prince that measures up to the standard being created in her mind (if not in everyday reality) by her twin brother, she'll do just fine.

But I like so much more the legend of the Frog Prince told by Peter Mayle in "French Lessons." Apparently the poor trapped amphibian told his princess that, if she would only kiss him and bring him out of his froggy-spell, he would make her his wife. She would cook for him, clean for him, have his kids, put up with his mother and make life generally good for all. Happily ever after.

Sure, she said. Sounds great.

And then she had frog legs (with plenty of garlic) for dinner.

Bon appetit, and may your prince be right there by your side.

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