Remembering Sonoma

Sooner than we thought, it's time to say good-bye.

Sonoma died of poison on Palm Sunday. She whispered farewell in a dream, dreamt by my Dad in Los Angeles. At the time we didn't understand the dream's significance, but now we do. We were far away, but Sonoma found us.

Her body was discovered on Easter and she was buried on the lawn of Dos Palapas, our home on Roatan for the last two-and-a-half years and the next four weeks. We will be returning to the United States for good, our island adventure ending.

The good, the bad, and sadly the tragic. Time to say good-bye, and leave a little piece of our hearts behind.


  1. Tim Gaillard4/30/10, 6:29 PM

    Where will you land in the US?


  2. Mike and Aleica - I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Sonoma. I know she brought you and the kids such joy and affection. Terribly sad to hear the news. As for your return...wow...of course we are more than interested in the details. When you are ready.

    All our love

    Phil and Marianne

  3. Saddened to hear of Sonoma's passing but encouraged to hear that we may see more of you in the US soon...anxious to hear the particulars.
    All the best,
    the Twitchells

  4. Mike and Alecia,
    We were so sad to hear of Numzi's passing.
    She was one of the sweetest dogs we cared for.We were looking forward to visiting you in Roatan and seeing her again.I know you will always remember her spirit as we will. Please come to W.V.to visit us as we will be moving on May 20th. Yes the house in CT finally sold.I hope everyone is in good health.Look forward to seeing you all.Give the kids a hug for us. Talk soon.
    Love to All,
    Laurie and George

  5. Hi Guys. So very sad to lose Sonoma but we are happy to know that she found a way to find you and that she is at rest at Dos Palapas.

    So much happening. Hope we talk soon.

    Susie & Brinck

  6. Hey Guys,
    I know it's a blow that has to end a tough month. You can say things happen for a reason but I can't think of one for this. Dogs become members of the family and we must grieve for them as well. We all look forward to seeing you more often.
    Jeff & Eileen

  7. Mike and Alecia- All of us(especially Nick and Alex)were upset at the news of Sonoma. She was a great dog and will be missed by everyone. We are wishing you guys lots of strength for the move from Roatan and hope you can visit when you come by CT this summer. Peter and Grace

  8. Sad news - sorry to hear it. A bit more closure to reassure you about your next phase? Which we're eager to hear about soon!


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