View from the Shower

If you look to the right: you look through the window of our open-air Balinese shower, over the Spanish tile roof, across one of two thatch-covered palapas that frame the swimming pool, over the lawn and treetops of the deep Palmetto Bay shore, and out across the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea.

If you look to the left: you look through the glass French shower doors, over the jacuzzi tub, through an open window, out to the lush rainforest encircling the southern side of the house.

If you look up: floating puffy clouds against a blue blue sky.

If you look down: earth-colored travertine tiles, smooth under two pairs of little feet dancing a Happy Shower Dance.

No wonder Delaney and Hayden are the cleanest kids on the block. They take even longer showers than their Mommy and Daddy.


  1. wow - and I thought it was pretty nice to have some breeze through the latticework of our open air shower. Views of the driveway and neighbor's garage.

  2. postcard perfect!

  3. postcard perfect!!


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