Stage Mama

I have gone from Island Mama to Stage Mama, having dragged Delaney and Hayden (and Mike) to not one but two community theater productions in the last six weeks. First we saw Thumbelina, and yesterday it was Cinderella. 

Even better, I dragged the poor munchkins on stage to meet the King and Queen during intermission. I'll admit this was more thrilling for me than for either of them.

"May I present Princess Delaney and Prince Hayden," announced the Royal Steward to the audience.

Princess D and Prince H were a little confused, so I pushed them forward and told them to curtsey. Or bow. Or just say hello. Actually I wasn't sure what to do myself.

We received our Certificates of Royalty. Hayden was the only Prince in Hawaiian shirt, flowered shorts, and flip flops. In fact, he may have been the only Prince in the parade at all. I guess in that case it doesn't matter what he was wearing. He could've had his pick of princesses. At least we remembered his cape and sword. 

We hurriedly exited Stage Right. Then, with the anticipation of our onstage debut behind us, Act 2 was very, very long.

Princess D: Mommy, when is she going to marry the Prince?

Stage Mama: Soon, sweetie, if she's lucky and if she remembers that it's not the Prince who's saving her, it's her own determination.

Prince H:  I need to go potty, NOW!

Stage Mama:  Mike, can you take him?

Princess D: Mommy, are we going to the lovely Ball, too? Is I can pick my dress?

Stage Mama: Yes, sweetie, we'll have a lovely Ball at home and you can pick your dress. 

Prince H:  Mommy, is this over NOW? 

Stage Mama: Soon, sweetie, if we're very lucky.

And soon, indeed, the fairy tale ended and we turned back into pumpkins. I put my tiara back in my bag. Delaney and Hayden used their make-believe cell phones on the way home to warn their friends that the Stepsisters were Mean and the Prince was a Long Time coming.

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  1. Lona Collins8/30/10, 11:34 PM

    I'm glad you have continued with this and I look forward to more posts. Love the picture of you waving with RTB in the background, but for me it is also sad that you won't be there anymore. Thanks to both of you for your contributions to PBP!


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