Never Ending

Having twins is like hosting a never-ending playdate. As soon as 5pm rolls around, I'm desperately wishing one of them would go home for dinner somewhere else.

But, I'm increasingly aware of how lucky Delaney and Hayden are to have each other. They are never (OK, rarely) bored. 

Last week they started a new school, their second since leaving Roatan in June. They marched in like they owned the place, with that special swagger that comes from already knowing who your Best Buddy is for the day. When they go to the park, they don't care whether or not they meet other kids. When they do, it's like a bonus. Any new situation, and it's off they go -- together.  

Of course, more and more they invoke the flip side of their relationship. "You're not my Friend today!" is a common accusation when one doesn't cooperate with the other. "You're a Bad Guy," is the inevitable retort, as if knowing instinctively that the opposite of friendship is inherently bad.

Despite the occasional shove or spat (or bite or kick), Delaney and Hayden seem ready to face the great big world side by side. A Princess in pink and her Prince in blue. Island attire, of course. 

Note: Sittin' on the Dock photos were taken last month in Massachusetts.

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