A Bumbling Mama Re-Enters the Workforce After Three Years On An Island

Them: "Mama! Are you going to your work at the Science Moo-Seum Water Park?"

Me: Yes.

Them: "We want to come too! We can come to the Science Moo-Seum Water Park after school, Mama?"

Me: Well, maybe.

Them: "We can come to your office with the LEGO's, Mama?"

Me: Sure, sometime.

Them: "Why do you get to go to work and we don't?"

Me: I don't get to play in KidSpace unless you are there with me. I probably will have meetings today."

Them: "Mama, remember when we went to the Science Moo-Seum with our cousins and danced on the lights? We can do that again?"

Me: Yes, of course.

Them: "Tomorrow?"

Me: Probably not tomorrow. They live far away."

Them: "Mama, we like the Science Moo-Seum. When we get Bigger we can go to work there, too."


  1. Jeanie Duncan1/26/11, 7:18 PM

    I love it! It puts a whole new perspective on how COOL your work is. Just remember that! And they pay you. To play. Wow!

  2. Jeff & Eileen1/27/11, 6:16 PM

    Good luck with the new job, hey you're still near the water. What a snow job you guys have been getting!

  3. Nice post, Alecia! We sure enjoyed our visit with you over the holidays!

  4. I echo Delaney and Hayden...I want to go to work with you, too! What an awesome place. We had a great time there!


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